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Bike Rodeo's for a Youth Program

  • Wednesday, June 17, 2015
  • Kansas City, Mo

Throughout the year our club members volunteer in various events throughout the communities.  The focus of our club is to promote cycling as an alternate healthy and safe mode of transportation; while also celebrating the legendary cyclist, Marshall Walter “Major” Taylor.

Our main focus is educating the communities we serve about the sport of cycling and we currently are working on a project called the Jr. Spinners Youth Program. This program will target youth within the urban core of Kansas City, and serve to address youth health and wellness issues by promoting cycling as a form of exercise. To help develop this program, members of the MTCCKC will serve as mentors to teach the youth proper bike handling skills and foster a love of cycling.  As a result, the Jr. Spinners will learn important life skills, participate in character building activities, and develop a healthier lifestyle through the encouragement and guidance of the MTCCKC members. 

Through partnership with Tenney Pediatrics and the Black Health Care Coalition, there are also plans for several bike rodeos. Participation in these rodeos will allow the Jr. Spinners to showcase and further develop their confidence with their bike handling skills.  This will also allow the club to donate the bikes and helmets to children and families in need.

In order to make a difference, we rely on the support of generous individuals and businesses within our community.  To make this project a reality for the youth in the communities we need assistance with getting the bikes and helmets transported from Atlanta, Ga.,  yearly, along with storage for the bikes once they arrive, equipment for the bike rodeos, and materials for advertising the events.   Your donations are critical to help us bring the bikes to Kansas City, thus allowing us to complete this annual project.  
You can also make donations on or or mail your donations to:

Major Taylor Cycling Club of Kansas City

P.O. Box 22451

Kansas City, Mo 64113

If you are able to help. 
Thank you for your time and for considering this request. 

 Andrea Walker

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