Major Taylor Cycling Club of Kansas City
                 Hill Street Spinners

Membership Overview

A. Requirements

There are few requirements to being a member in the Major Taylor Cycling Club of Kansas|Hill Street Spinners. Most important, you should have a bike and helmet; but even that is not necessary. Some members may choose not to ride a bike and are more interested in joining the club to become a Volunteer Advocate (Loyalist) for some of our activities, for the camaraderie or just to have fun. There are two mandatory requirements of each member: 1.) Annual membership dues are to be kept in an active status and 2.) Members will be expected to volunteer on or at events throughout the year.

B. Renewals and Due Dates

Dues are to be paid on the first business day of the calendar year and remain valid for the remainder of the calendar year. Dues should be paid by check, paypal via the club website ( or mailed to P.O Box 22451, Kansas City, MO. 64113. If paying by check, please ensure that the payment is made to the order of Major Taylor Cycling Club of Kansas City|Hill Street Spinners. The amount of the dues shall be in accordance to the amount set forth in the club Bylaws.

C. Membership Applications Dues

Please reference the MTCCKC-HSS Bylaws- in Article 9

D. Volunteering

One of the main charges of the Major Taylor Cycling Club of Kansas City|Hill Street Spinners is to give back to the community. As a result, club members are expected to volunteer at events throughout the year. Volunteering opportunities can be taken on in many forms, such as leading a group ride, securing supplies for the club, volunteering on a committee or an event. The numbers of different kinds of volunteer opportunities are endless and are too many to list completely.

E. Member Responsibilities

Major Taylor Cycling Club of Kansas City|Hill Street Spinners Code of Conduct
As a member of Major Taylor Cycling Club of Kansas City|Hill Street Spinners you are not only a representative of the club, but also of the sport of cycling. In this respect, anything do is conveyed across the entire cycling community. Whether it’s a positive or negative nature, our actions reflect on us all. Therefore, every member participates under the condition of adhering to our Code of Conduct. Failure to follow the Code of Code can result in punishment taking the form of a reprimand or even ejection from the club.

F. Communication

Access to the member email list, phone numbers and website is granted upon receipt of dues. The club email list is through Google Gmail and this will be the main form of communication within the club. The club website will be the place to look for information on club meetings, parties, group rides, newsletter, critical club information and upcoming events. It is important to provide an active email address, so you can keep up with what is going on. Additionally, website is where you want to post your questions and request to other members. Alternatively, if you have a question concerning club operation matters, you can direct it towards any officers.

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