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In the mid 80's out of the Kansas City, Mo. a diverse group of men and one young lady started riding together during the week and on the weekend for fun, but also wanted to bring awareness of the cycling sport to the black community. The club’s original members, Gerald Walker, Jackie Tenney, Harold Mitchem, Donnie McClendon, John Barnes (deceased), Terman Prymus (deceased), Michael Neal, Gregory Stegall, Mayra Harper and Don Wright shared the same vision and as a result, started The Hill Street Spinners Cycling Club.

The club’s first organized ride was in 1988, which was the MS150 and from there the club made a name for themselves by riding across the Kansas City Metro area and in the various cycling events. It is has been over 25 years since the clubs first organized ride and some of the club’s original members who were instrumental in developing the club are no longer with us. The new Major Taylor Cycling Club|Hill Street Spinners franchise is dedicated to those members who paved the way for the current members to enjoy the general health benefits and fitness with an organized club.

The club consists of a wide range of riders from various ages, backgrounds, and professions who all have a common enthusiasm and love for cycling. We also have a certified spin class instructor. Many of our members also participate in other activities when not on their road bikes.

The new Major Taylor Cycling Club|Hill Street Spinners guidelines are governed by the rules of the road, basic cycling etiquette, and courtesy to fellow cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. We share the road and obey all traffic rules, call out road obstacles, and look out for each other when we ride.

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Welcome to the home of the Major Taylor Cycling Club
of Kansas City. We are known as the 
Hill Street Spinners. 
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